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The Aidan Project Live #3: Revisiting the Covenant

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I spoke to Bernard Lamborelle on Facebook Live about the reaction to his argument presented within our previous episode and within his book, The Covenant: On the Origin of the Abrahamic Faith, by Means of Deification. We also spoke about atheism, consciousness, free will, and much more. If the video does not load below, you can watch the replay on Facebook.

[In the coming days, an edited version of the video will be released as a podcast episode]


Coming Soon: The Aidan Project Live #3

I am excited to be talking live to Bernard Lamborelle on Friday 6 April at 16:00 UK time exclusively via Facebook Live.  We spoke before for a podcast episode called ‘Abraham’s Secular Covenant‘. Bernard will be talking about the reaction to the argument presented within our episode and within his book, The Covenant: On the Origin of the Abrahamic Faith, by Means of Deification. Bernard will also be offering further thoughts about his highly-researched thesis, and on points related to the relationship between scripture and secularism.

You watch live or view the replay. In the meantime, be sure to follow The Aidan Project on Facebook. A link to the replay will be available via this website.

The Aidan Project Live #1: Inside Veganism

The Aidan Project’s first live special examined the controversial headlines surrounding the growing vegan movement. Are vegans radical or rational? Perhaps they are both of these things, but is the radicalism too extreme? Is the vegan movement’s success leading to a rise in provocative activism? Could this, in the end, work against the movement?

These questions and more were explored on The Aidan Project on Facebook Live, where Aidan and guests responded to viewer comments and questions.

Aidan would like to thank Chirag Desai, Emily Noble, James Crisp, Paul Kerton and Emma Thomas for appearing as guests and answering tough questions.

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