The Aidan Project would not be possible without the support of its listeners.


If you prefer, you can also support the podcast via Patreon.

Dear listener,

At present, whilst I am striving to build a larger audience, I am not pestering listeners to sign-up as patrons with a recurring donation (which appears to be the mainstream creator support mechanism), nor am I willing to allow adverts on the air. I feel this would be counter-productive whilst the show is still developing and finding its audience.

If the show continues to grow and is able to reach a vaster audience of committed listeners, it would make sense at this point to refer supporters to a patron scheme and/or to consider allowing reasonable adverts on the show itself. Nothing, I promise, too annoying.

In the meantime, if you would like to support the podcast’s operating costs, I would be sincerely grateful for one-off donations. Or, if you prefer, I have registered a Patreon account, too. Please only donate if you can spare it. Your last £1 absolutely should not be donated to the podcast. Indeed, you could support the podcast in other ways, such as by subscribing, leaving a review via your listening platform, and following the podcast on social media (Facebook/Twitter).

It all helps. It is all appreciated.

Best wishes and thank you for your support!

Aidan Coughlan
December 2017