Special Interest

In this section, special interest podcasts are available to browse at your leisure. These podcasts are not available via other podcast formats, owing to their specific, local angle, and have been made available exclusively via YouTube.

During the coverage of the Suffolk Murders in 2006, one woman became a regular in front of the television cameras and in the newspapers. In Frances Harper’s documentary, ‘Where Angels Fear To Tread’, ‘Lou’ vividly described her unenviable life on the streets of Ipswich, where she remained despite the serial murders. Ten years on, Frances spoke to Aidan to reflect on this documentary and a truly surreal, infamous time for the people of Ipswich, South East England.

Lou would spend £1,000 a week on drugs and turned to prostitution to feed her habit. Many people were moved by Lou’s story. In ‘Where Angels Fear to Tread’, Frances looked at the circumstances which led to Lou’s predicament, and tried to find a way of helping her towards a better life – one away from squats, drugs and working the streets.

The BBC East programme was broadcast on BBC One on Thursday 21 February 2008.

In this unreleased excerpt from an Aidan Project Podcast, documentary filmmaker, Frances Harper, explains her work documenting the controversial plans for an incinerator in North Norfolk, England. The £500m waste management project was later scrapped.

In this edition of The Salon, Aidan is joined by Richard Payne to discuss his experiences in the Merchant Navy, living in Germany, his University life as a mature student of history, and a number of interesting topics, all the way from Karl Marx to Jeremy Corbyn. Indeed, some may argue that the aforementioned Marx and Corbyn are not far enough apart politically to enable Labour to win an election. Richard and Aidan also discuss Brexit, Donald Trump, National Service, the British identity, and also delve into philosophy, featuring a disagreement regarding free will and determinism. However, Richard and Aidan certainly agree on the thorny subject of the Daily Mail’s poisonous agenda. Agree or disagree, thank you for listening. Debate is healthy. Well, at least it should be.

What is it like working as a doorman? Standing in the cold for hours on end, dealing with various examples of disagreeable behaviour and trying to keep others safe can often mean that working as a doorman proves to be a thankless task.

On this episode of The Aidan Project’s Salon edition, Aidan is joined by Ben Lewry, an experienced doorman, Security Manager and a Security Industry Authority approved trainer in the East of England. In addition to many years spent on the frontline of security, Ben also teaches several accredited courses, including licence holding for bar operators, the use of CCTV, and health and safety. Ben is proactive in sharing security advice, including the dangers of excessive drinking, how to avoid becoming a victim of theft, and being alert to the threat of terrorism. On the show, Ben offers his views on the current terrorist threat, human rights, British drinking culture, the safety of vulnerable females, cuts in police budgets, and much more. Ben is the owner of Titans Security Limited, whose website is located at http://www.titansuk.com/. You can follow Titans Security on Twitter @TITANS_UK or you can call them on +44 01473 558738.

In a brand new podcast, Craig Sennett and I discuss technology, Artificial Intelligence, the media, Brexit, the tragic events in Berlin, Islam, immigration, Donald Trump, charity, and more. We have also both seen Rogue One, but do not worry, there are no spoilers here.

The Aidan Project Podcast’s first Salon edition has arrived. The Salon is a cosy place for Enlightened thinking and discussion. Pull up a chair, grab a coffee and settle down. In this edition, I am talking to amateur athlete and marketing professional, Daniel Coughlan, about a wealth of subjects, including his experiences as a football (soccer) coach in both the United States and Britain. We also discuss athletics, cycling, the Olympics, his Iron Man exploits, nature versus nurture, motivation, nutrition, why he has given up eating meat, and much more besides, including endemic problems within British sport. Daniel is a marketing whizz by day, so I also asked him for advice for business owners who have limited budgets. Daniel is a super nice guy who is a pleasure to talk to, so enjoy the show, and please share if you can.