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Coming Soon: Leaving the Mormon Church [Clip: Christopher Hitchens]

In an upcoming podcast episode, Eric Pratt, a former member of the Mormon Church, explains his indoctrination into the religion, and his escape many years later. Eric credits the work of the late Christopher Hitchens in helping him forge a new life. This recording took place, coincidentally, on 13 April, Hitchens’ birthday. Hitchens would have been 69.


Coming Soon: The Aidan Project Live #3

I am excited to be talking live to Bernard Lamborelle on Friday 6 April at 16:00 UK time exclusively via Facebook Live.  We spoke before for a podcast episode called ‘Abraham’s Secular Covenant‘. Bernard will be talking about the reaction to the argument presented within our episode and within his book, The Covenant: On the Origin of the Abrahamic Faith, by Means of Deification. Bernard will also be offering further thoughts about his highly-researched thesis, and on points related to the relationship between scripture and secularism.

You watch live or view the replay. In the meantime, be sure to follow The Aidan Project on Facebook. A link to the replay will be available via this website.

Coming Soon: Dr. Richard Carrier Interview

Dr. Richard Carrier is an author, speaker, philosopher and historian.

We talked about the origins of Christianity, the historicity of Jesus, Christian apologetics, and much more. The episode will – of course – be released over the Easter weekend.

For more information on Richard, see

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Coming Soon: The Aidan Project Live #2: Insane

Hollie Thubron, singer, songwriter and author, will be my guest on Facebook Live on Wednesday 28 March from 1930 UK time. I will be talking to Hollie about her debut novel, Insane, a psychological thriller which explores different perceptions of morality. Hollie is greatly interested in analysing the psychology of serial killers, and has some fascinating philosophical insights to share.

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Further information:

Insane on Amazon UK
Insane website

A Podcast Spin-off

I will be launching a new, separate podcast in the coming weeks. However, fear not, The Aidan Project will continue as normal on its mission of thoughtful coverage and analysis of current events, history and culture. I will be adding more live content, too, as part of my commitment to the continual development of The Aidan Project.

The new podcast will allow me to express myself in unreserved detail on a specific cause that is of great importance to me. However, I do not want veganism to be the raison d’être of The Aidan Project, which has an identity of its own.

If veganism and associated considerations are of interest to you, then you will be pleased to know that Inside Veganism begins in April. Nevertheless, it is business as usual for The Aidan Project, where my concerns regarding the suffering of non-human animals, and the unmitigated horror show that is factory farming, need not reside. I have talked about these concerns before on The Aidan Project, but additional coverage, in my estimation, necessitates a different outlet.

Indeed, regardless of your level of sympathy towards non-human animals, The Aidan Project is a podcast about current events, history and culture. It shall remain so.

Thank you for your continuing support of The Aidan Project.


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The Aidan Project on YouTube

pexels-photo Cropped

The Aidan Project has a shiny new address on YouTube! If you have not already done so, please subscribe at

There is some exclusive content to be found, including interviews which were not published on the main podcast. You can also find interviews which, in a sense, served as a dress rehearsal for The Aidan Project podcast.

At the time of this update, the most recent upload is a preview ahead of an upcoming episode (see video below).

I hope you enjoy looking through the archives!

Introducing The Aidan Project Live

Facebook Live

The Aidan Project’s first live special will be broadcast via Facebook Live. The show will examine the controversial headlines surrounding the growing vegan movement. Are vegans radical or rational? My guests will include vegan activists who will be answering your questions.

Tune in live on Tuesday 13 February at 1800-2000 GMT on Facebook. A replay will also be made available via Facebook and, for non-Facebook users, via and YouTube.

If you are keen to watch the event as it happens on Facebook Live, you can head to The Aidan Project on Facebook before the event and click ‘Get Reminder’ on the event page.

Have your comments and questions ready. This will be interesting…