The Aidan Project is now also available via RadioPublic

Listen to The Aidan Project on RadioPublic

The Aidan Project is now also available via RadioPublic. Whilst I prefer to limit such announcements, I am impressed with the platform and wanted to draw attention to it. RadioPublic also offers an App, has an audio player which works well with Android devices, and allows me the luxury of a nifty web player. I am in no way sponsored or otherwise compelled to note any of this. I simply know that we podcasters sometimes take it for granted that listening to podcasts is easy. We may forget technological issues, or talk too much about Apple, whilst forgetting that many of you prefer other formats.

I am considering switching over the current web player to RadioPublic in the future, depending on feedback. Naturally, if you use third-party listening platforms, such as Apple, GooglePlay, Stitcher et al, this will not affect you.

If you have any technical problems listening to the show, I would be happy to help.

The full list of Aidan Project listening options is here.