Coming Soon: Churchill’s Many Dark Hours

Yet another Winston Churchill film,
Darkest Hour, will be released on 12 January 2018 in the United Kingdom. The film begins in May 1940, with Churchill about to take on the role of Prime Minister. Indeed, Churchill’s charismatic resilience has defined the popular interpretation of Britain’s experience of the Second World War.

However, there is far more to Churchill than his wartime leadership. Indeed, several chapters of the real Churchill story are deeply unpleasant. The Bengal famine of 1943-44, during which two million people died, is such an example. Was Churchill to blame for this tragedy? What was his attitude towards the people of British India? In an upcoming podcast, I will be exploring the darkest elements of the Churchill story.

Do you have any thoughts about Churchill you would like to send across? I would love to hear from you.

I look forward to sharing the new episode with you during the early part of next week.


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