How Was 2017 For You?

trump-2546104_1280“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness…”

A Tale of Two Cities
Charles Dickens

It is only natural to feel as if the era in which one lives is the most important period in human history. So, when I tell you that an upcoming episode will be a ‘2017 in review’ show, rest assured that hyperbole will be resisted.

To be sure, 2017 has been, at times, “the epoch of incredulity”, as Dickens went on to write in A Tale of Two Cities. However, how important has 2017 been in the grand scheme of things? Jared Miracle (special guest extraordinaire) and I have undertaken to review 2017 with our feet firmly placed on the floor.

What do you think future generations will consider important about 2017? Jared and I have chosen a number of items, but what do you think?

Tweet the podcast @TheAidanProject and let me know. It would be great to hear from you. If you prefer, you can fill in a contact form. I will share as many contributions as I can on the upcoming episode.

‘2017: A Year in Review’ is coming soon.

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Aidan Coughlan
21 December 2017