#32 – AMA: UK General Election

In the very first Aidan Project AMA (Ask Me Anything) episode, Aidan is joined by journalist, podcaster and activist, Joshua Thomas, to answer listener questions on the forthcoming 2017 UK General Election. For more information on Joshua, you can find Joshua’s YouTube channel, Disputandum, at http://bit.ly/2spdKaOAidan will be back the day after the election with thoughts on the results and what it means for the United Kingdom.

From the inbox:

Is Jeremy Corbyn an IRA sympathiser?

What happens to Corbyn in the event of a Conservative landslide?

If there is a hung parliament, what is the process?

Are there any possible coalitions that could form an opposition to the Conservatives?

What type of result justifies May’s decision to call an election?

Why aren’t there more independent MP’s in parliament?

Should May have taken on a leader’s debate?

How damaging are policy gaffes on TV and radio? (Diane Abbott)

Is there an issue with anti-Labour bias from the BBC?

How damaged has Corbyn been on the issues of anti-semitism within Labour, and regarding Trident?

Where has Nigel Farage vanished to?

What do you make of the lack of progressive debate within the left on immigration?

Will “covfefe” play a part in this election?

Who do you think will win the election?

You can always send questions via www.AidanCoughlan.org or you can tweet @theaidanproject.

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