The Westminster Bubble

The people of the United Kingdom go to the polls on Thursday, June 8 to cast their vote in the General Election. In an upcoming podcast, I will run through the key policies and pledges from the major parties to provide a non-partisan, aide memoire of what each party is standing for. With returning guest,  political commentator, Joshua Thomas, I will also run down the results of the previous election (which seems like another era entirely), along with profiles of the party leaders and the key debates which are driving the election narrative.

Do you have a question on the manifestos, the election process, or perhaps the inescapable, looming Brexit issue which led to the Conservatives calling for this early election?

You can send a question via Twitter (@theaidanproject) or leave a question below. I will get through as many of them as I can.

The podcast will be released on Wednesday, May 31, eight days before the election. Following the result, I will release a short commentary on Friday, June 9 detailing the political landscape we in the UK find ourselves in.

Furthermore, I am hoping to provide a first-hand summary, perhaps even audio, of Professor A.C. Grayling’s speech regarding Brexit when he visits East Anglia’s University of Suffolk next month. And still further, if schedules permit, I am looking to speak to Dr. Benedict Beckeld again in the near future, perhaps reflecting on the UK political scene, as we did regarding the United States following the stunning election win of Donald Trump last November. If you have not listened to the episode, I would say it is the best Aidan Project Podcast thus far, where, as ever, no punches were pulled in the pursuit of honest conversation.

So, please stay tuned, or should I say, please stay subscribed?