What Now?


I was surprised, but not shocked, to see Donald Trump become US President.

There was a strange sense of inevitability about it, like seeing a truck hurtling towards you, unable to move out of its way. Knowing, or at least, being resigned to the truck smashing me into the darkness of 1933 did something to ease the obvious pain, but as most doctors would probably concur, injuries sustained from trucks, particularly the really out of control, angry trucks, cause significant injuries.

So, what now?

History is not reassuring when looking at the legacies of populist leaders who ran on platforms of intolerance. But the President has his mandate, one which must be respected. Let us hope that he has the right team alongside him. Let us hope that he listens to actual experts.

The left needs to pick itself up from the roadside, heal, and refocus the argument. We need grown-up debate on the left. We can’t work together as one when the left is at war with itself.

I am willing, and indeed, quite keen, to see history not repeat itself. Democracy isn’t great, but as a wise man once said, it’s better than all of the other rubbish systems. I wish the United States the very best and I hope that Trump proves history wrong.

I also hope that reports of Paul Von Hindenburg’s ill-health are greatly exaggerated.



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